Our vision
Our vision
HYPERSPACE is a multi-international investment and development platform funded by a group of visionary Chinese investors, with the purpose of promoting global entrepreneurship, invitation, fortune and creativity.

HYPERSPACE is committed to develop global subversive innovation based on the connection with Chinese market, including Chinese capital, Chinese industry and Chinese talent, in order to lead the next global industry revolution.
Our Team
Our partners have a deep understanding of the markets we serve. We bring years of venture and entrepeneurial experience with us, from Occidental to Oriental.
Fanny Cao
  • 10 years consulting experience in top-tier consulting firm
  • Mobile Internet expert
  • Shanghai City Hall Advisor
  • Served clients such as Siemens, BOSCH, VW, BASF, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Chevron, DSM, etc.
Fabian Zhou
  • 15 years medical industry experience
  • Cross-broder mergers & acquisition expert
  • Co-founder of Sino-Israel Hitech Summit
  • Represented Chinese enterprises to invest dozens of European and American startups
David Young
  • 5 years venture capital experience
  • Focusing on TMT and healthcare sectors
  • Worked as an Investment Manager
  • successfully invested TutorGroup, BGI, CEDU, Aidi, and many other companies
Toni He
  • 10 years cross-broder mergers & acquisition international company experience
  • Medical industry expert
  • Co-founder of Sino-Israel Hitech Summit
  • Chief representative for China of YHT company
Our Services
At HYPERSPACE, we focus our energies relentlessly on identifying opportunities, nurturing innovation, and building a global network of relationships to help our portfolio companies
Free Working Space And Industrial Base
Chinese Market Strategic Planning
Organize Local Operation Team
Cooperation with Chinese Industry Leader
Promotion in Seminar, Roadshow and Summit
Phase I: Enter into China market
- 60%
Phase II: Localize business in China
- 80%
Phase III: Run capital-raising plan
- 100%
Identifying Opportunities

We look for the extraordinary - the better idea, the new approach, and the unexpected solution - and when we find it, we work tirelessly to make the most of the opportunity

Nurturing Innovation

We partner with our entrepeneurs to mentor key personnel and recruit talent

Network of Relationships

We provide a network of relationships to maximize a company's potential

Our fund
HYPERSPACE has diversified portfolios based on different investment categories. It maximizes synergy effects by attracting capital from related industries and parties. HYPERSPACE has already set up the Sino-Israel Investment Fund. The Germany, US, Japan and South Korea projects are now under subscription.
Hyperspace Sino-Israel Fund is the first venture capital in China, which invests in Israeli innovative start-ups and provides incubators for companies from all over the globe. The 1st round fundraising of RMB 100 million has been closed.

The fund will have a strong specialisation in the hi-tech companies in Israel, with investment strategies focusing on TMT, AI, AR/VR, Wearable Device and Bio Tech. The seasoned management team of Hyperspace will partner with the veteran experts and consultants from Israel to construct a bridge for those Israeli hi-tech companies to get access into Chinese markets and in the meanwhile generate attractive returns.
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